I’ve created this website to keep track of stuff that I’ve encountered over the years.

Here you’ll find security related articles, tips&tricks, tools useful for reverse engineering, vulnerability/exploit research, malware research, incident response, forensic analysis…

The code that I developed is provided under the MIT license

Contact :  malwr (at) malwrforensics . com

Enjoy 🙂


For reference

Web app penentration testing checklist and cheatsheet (with examples)


Useful in incident response and forensic analysis
ps auxview running processes
# ip link | grep PROMISCcheck for promiscuous mode
# netstat -anpcheck open ports
# lsof -icheck processes listening on ports
# crontab -u root -l
# cat / etc / crontab
# ls / etc / cron.*
check cron jobs scheduled by root
# sort -nk3 -t: / etc / passwd | lesscheck for unauthorized accounts
# stat < filename >get inode, file times
# getfattr -R *get extended file attributes