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If you’re interested in removing some of the memory protections (especially around RWX) in the Linux kernel version 5+, here are some pointers: In the arch folder, edit the Kconfig file, and look for config STRICT_KERNEL_RWX and config STRICT_MODULE_RWX. You can change their default value to the values below. In the init folder, edit the… Read Article →

Set the Windows VM for debugging:     bcdedit /debug on     bcdedit /dbgsettings serial debugport:1 baudrate:115200 In the VM settings, associate a pipe to the COM1 port: \\.\\pipe\debugk (windows) or /tmp/debugk (linux)   Here is a list of some useful windbg commands: lm – list modules !address <addr> – show details about addr !peb… Read Article →

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