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If you ever want to disable the WriteProtect (WP) bit you’ll need to read/write access to the CR0 register. The problem is that the write_cr0 function provided by the linux kernel has been tweaked to prevent this exact thing. Here are the steps you need to follow to compile a new kernel and have the… Read Article →

Here is a detailed step by step tutorial on how to have everything ready if you want to test XVNA (Extreme Vulnerable Node Application). Base OS: Ubuntu 16.04 First, we need to install mongodb, nodejs and git: apt-get install monodb apt-get install nodejs apt-get install git We then clone the XVNA’s repository: git clone¬† Once… Read Article →

Linux uses a swap partition, that represents the system’s virtual memory. The swappiness represents how often the system will copy stuff from RAM to disk/virtual memory. The more RAM you have, the less you need to copy to disk and by setting the swappiness to a lower value will result in an overall speed increase…. Read Article →

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